March 27, 2011

My 19th Birthday

My 19th Birthday.

I love Flowers . 

March 25th is my birthday! I was glad, it's finally here.I did some awesome celebration
with my beloved friends and family. It's was fun with them.
 I love the moment with you guys, although didn't have any photos. lol*
So I would like to write 19 sentence to say thank you! 

1. First, thanks for all the wishes on my Facebook's wall. eventhough i hide it at first. That's cool.
2. Thank you spammer. *who's spam my inbox
3. Thank you people who sent me early wish. 
4. Thank you to everyone who stay up late to became my first and early wisher.
5. Thank you to my family for celebrate my birthday. 
6. Thank you to my mum to order pulut kuning to sedekah on my birthday.
7. Thanks to my beloved classmates. best friends forever.
8. Thank you sister's and brother's for the special birthday gift.
9. Thanks for the Happy Birthday Kaklong Handmade Card, I like it, lot love. 
10. Thank you friends for giving me surprise.
11. Thank you for the teddy bear! 
12. Thanks for the flower above.ily <3 
13. Thanks for the Korean version Happy birthday song.
14. Thank you to someone yg tegur i when i wear italy jersey for football theme
 bday party clebration yesterday that italy kalah awal awal in Fifa 2010.
i am so ashamed.
15. Thanks for the chocolate. muahaa. I ate! ;P
16. Thank you to the guy who raise me with love and patience,i love you ayah.
17. Thank you to anyone who sent wishes to my old so sorryy. 
18.Thank you Ibu for born me out to this world! Love Ibu always. Your world is my world. 
19. Lastly,  Thanks god for giving me so much friends and a awesome family! 

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