January 30, 2011

medicine of my messy week

Hai.This is a tough week for me.I encounter many difficulties due to many people but everything changed when I went home.I forgot all my problems when I meet with my family and friends.They always know how to make me happy :)

so,on Friday, I went to IKEA with my sibling.We went there because we wanted to eat the most delicious meatball in malaysia haha.We are very excited, especially my sisters.

The next day, I met a good friend from high school.We went to the Empire Subang Jaya because we want to try the longest slide in malaysia but its quite expensive.rm12 for each person.so we decided to ate Kenny Rodgers.l really love eat more than i love a person haha sooryy dear.we had a lot of fun eating,shopping and camwhoring hehe.

nas,wanie and wana,

Crazy days and screwed up nights
Tons of crushes and stupid fights
Secrets we'll take to the grave
Pictures we'll forever save
Through thick and thin, always true
*Best friends 4ever, me and you*”

i look nerdy with speck huu

colourful nas

we are crazy :D

dentist,architect,lawyer n not sure yet to be 


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