March 5, 2010

tagged five by nas (:

.five name that people called you
-azboyah.erk skrg rmai pnggil sy mcm ni 

2.five important dates in your life
-25 march
-15 may
-12 sep,oct,nov
-17 jun
-11.03.2010!!(tkutt.err )

3.five thing you done yesterday
-mkn ubt
-Tgok tv
-gossip ;p

4.five ways to be happy
-mkn aiskrim
-mkn chocolate.yummy (:
-nyanyi kuat2 dalam kereta
-spend time ngan family
-hangout dgn bff

5.five favourite movie
-grease. cte dlu2 , john travolta brlakon.
-titanic.It's my all-time favorite movie. No question, no competition
-avatar.spe xske cte ni kan?

6.five favourite hobbies
-Baca novel
-Tgok movie
-Berangan .haha

7.five favourite peoples
-Rasulullah.of course
-bff n friends
-my future husband   

8.five favourite places vacations
-malaysia truly asia
-new zealand.tringin nak naek caravan. ske sgt2 holiday kat cni. day sy akn bljr jugak medic dekat sini no matter what.

9.five reason your answer the survey
-sbb nas sruh
-coz xde reason nk update blog
-sy sgt bosann
-xpnh jwb tag
-nk hilangkn tnsion

10.five person tag
semua orang tolong ambek . wajib buat !

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